Electronic Fuel Injection Signal Interception Control

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The efi-Interceptor

Our Mapping based Piggyback type Electronic Fuel Injection Controller / Tuner is the perfect solution to achieve maximum power on any non stock, and even stock performance engine.

efiMini in Alu-housing, top view

efiMini in Alu-housing, top view

It alters the fuel injection timing signals based on real-time data calculations from the TPS, RPM and O2 signals. Wireless run-time data analysis and logging capabilities on android based devices (cell phone). Called the efiMini for it’s miniature size and great performance.

Wireless and USB based Software Apps support for Android, Windows, Linux (Mac).

wide-band O2 AFR Diagnostic

Our Wireless Wide Band O2 Air Fuel Ratio Meter is based upon the Bosch CJ125 sensor front-end controller and supports the Bosch LSU4.x Wide Band Oxygen Sensor family.

Bosch LSU 4.9 wbO2 Sensor and efi-O2Meter with CSR Bluetooth Radio, bottom view

efi-O2Meter with bt-radio, bottom view

RF-radio works in al-case with a plastic cover

Bluetooth (SPP) and RS232 serial runtime data communication with Android (cell phone, …), Windows and Linux Application and Data Logging support. Linearized proportional analog 0 V – 5 V data out. Programmable narrow band O2 sensor simulation analog out.

Wireless based Software Apps support for Android, Windows and Linux (Mac).

efi-Interceptor Accessories

Wide Band O2 sensor module : optional wide band O2 sensing support.

Wireless Bluetooth Radio module : opt. wireless real-time data analysis and logging.

Optically isolated USB to serial data module : for flash firmware upgrade and wired real-time data analysis and logging.

efi-Interceptor wiring and connectors : adaptability parts for injectors and sensors.

efi-O2 Meter Accessories

LSU 4.9 and LSU 4.2 sensors and connectors.

efi-O2 Meter wiring and cable accessories :

Miscellaneous Accessories

Enclosures : extruded aluminum and ABS plastic housings.

Others : various additional stuff.